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ProW 2.0 Adjustable Low Box Set

ProW 2.0 Adjustable Low Box Set


What’s in the Box:

  • ProW seat pad
  • ProW bag
  • ProW foam inserts for adjustable support level, incl. velcro fastening solution
  • ProW user manual (click to read the manual online)

THE PROW 2.0 SEAT ProW 2.0 has the well-known innovative shape that relieves bottom pain, helps you to sit tall at the finish of the stroke and assists in the transition from finish to recovery position thereby improving your rowing. It differs from conventional rowing seats in many ways:

  • It has a ‘saddle’/projection in the middle and the holes are elliptical to create optimal pressure distribution
  • ProW has an opening for the tailbone and a projection in the back which helps to improve your technique
  • The projection simply makes it easier to sit up in the finish and go from stroke to recovery phase
Color: Cobalt Blue
  • Care, Returns, and things to be aware of..


    The ProW requires very little maintenace.  A simple wipe down as needed is all that's necessary.

    Prolonged Heat Exposure:

    The interiors of automobiles can get extremely hot in the summer months where temperatures can reach as high as 150 deg F. Avoid leaving the ProW in a hot vehicle for a prolonged period as this can cause damage to the seat pad.

    Breaking-in the Seat Pad:

    You should expect to row 3-5 sessions before your body adjusts to the seat pad.  You can decide if you need the added support from the inserts provided.


    If you find the ProW does not work for you, Easy Going Rowing has a 30 day return policy and will refund the cost price of the seat pad, and any sales tax that was paid.  Return the ProW as you received it.

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