Concept2, Hydrow, Row Perfect Dynamic, Coffey SimulatOar, BioRower, or rowing shell - Rowing should not be a pain in the butt!



Hi there - I'm William Esterhuizen, and I have been a competitive rower ever since I started rowing in high school (South Africa). In the years since I started, I have rowed many tens of thousands of kilometers both on the water and on rowing ergometers.  Distance rowing of any kind can hurt your "butt" and if you're like me, you need something to help you finish the workout.

Twenty years ago I had a hard fall on ice and did not realize the damage done to my left hip.  Fifteen years later, and one total left hip replacement later, I found myself looking for a seat pad for my single, and for my rowing machine. I had purchased and evaluated several domestic seat pads and none really worked for me. My friends in Europe all said "you need to try the Citius-Remex seat pad" and I did. What a difference!  I'm so convinced about the Citius-Remex ProW seat pads that I'm now the distributor/sales agent for the US and Canada.


Rowing should be Easy Going. If you want to row faster without discomfort from your "butt", then you too should give this seat pad a chance to show what you can accomplish.


WHAT is a ProW?

The ProW has an innovative shape that relieves bottom pain and helps to improve your rowing workout. It differs from conventional rowing seats in several ways:

  • The ProW has a ‘saddle’ projection in the middle, and the holes are elliptical to create optimal pressure distribution.

  • The ProW has an opening for the tailbone and a projection in the back 
to help to improve your technique. The projection simply makes it easier to sit up in the finish and go from stroke to recovery phase. 

  • Hard rowing seats often hurt, slip and slide causing frustration and a disrupted and spoiled workout session. In contrast, the ProW is produced inflexible material and has a non-slip surface increasing the comfort and effectiveness of your performance. 

  • ProW accommodates various body forms and pushing techniques, which otherwise can result in numb legs, pain, and injuries. 

  • ProW was developed and tested by Olympic and World Champions. Eskild Ebbesen, Steffen Bonde, and Jacob Barsøe, with over 50 years of combined rowing experience and knowledge worked with medical professionals to develop this unique seat pad. 

Click on the YouTube links below for reviews on these seat pads!


Frank Biller, The University Of Virginia's coach for the men's program had this to say about ProW seat pads.


"It's more than just a cushy seat pad. The ProW is different than any other pad on the market and helped my crews to row better on the erg and faster in the boat.  It was more intiutive for the rowers on the ergs as well as we were able to improve the coordination of the rowers (between the glutes and hamstrings) on the machine and in the boat".


Less injury time means more quality training sessions.  "The ProW helped eliminate injury and the significant training days that would have been lost to the program". 


"We purchased a seat pad for every rower in the program in 2021 and made it mandatory for use on the erg, and optional in the boat.  The results speak for themselves".


Bulk orders qualify for discounts as do Educators.  If you're interested in a bulk order, or you're an educator, email me at easygoingrowing@gmail.com