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A real success story

Julien Bahain, Olympic and World Medallist

Long ergos (ergometer sessions) have always been a tough during my rowing career. After 10-15 minutes, I would start shifting around trying to find a more comfortable position. When you sit on an ergo for 90 minutes, sometimes more, it becomes very painful. In February 2015, I had back surgery. I recovered well thanks to a strict rehabilitation protocol and an amazing support team. Going back to full training in the boat and on the ergometer was going to take more than just my will power and dedication.

Since my surgery, I have been using the Citius Remex Seat Pad, and it is a life changer. No more sore buttocks or tight back, I can sit on the erg for hours without feeling uncomfortable. It is a real revolution in the world of rowing, and we can clearly see that technology combined with years of rowing experience helped creating a very functional product. A real success story.

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