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A Rowing life preserver you can actually wear while rowing (or paddling)

The Germans have been producing rowing life preservers for years. The company is Secumar and has been around for decades. A few years back I purchased a Secumar Vivo 100 as a friend had recommended the preserver to me. It's great and I use it, especially in the colder months.

What is so special about the Vivo life preserver?

Well, it's designed for rowers and paddlers and allows

ample hand clearance at the finish which allows the athlete to actually wear the unit versus keeping a preserver in the boat. The Vivo is light and has reflective straps. Should you ever need to use it, the cartridge can be exchanged by the local agent.

Is the life preserver approved by the US and Canadian Coast Guard? No - The Vivo 100 is approved by the EU for all EU member nations and is used extensively throughout Europe and the UK.

Can I purchase in bulk? Orders for 10 or more will be discounted

What is the expected delivery time? Typically, allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery For more information, email me at

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