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Catch a Wave in a Coastal Rowing Shell

Coastal or open-water rowing, is recreational rowing along the coast or in rougher inland waters. Combining fitness with exploration, coastal rowing shares similarities with mountain biking, adding an element of adventure and unpredictability while maintaining the precision and technique of elite-level sculling.

Coastal Rowing is really taking off in a big way. It’s a possibility that the 2028 Olympic Games will include coastal rowing as an event. I think the Coastal boats are a great way to introduce new rowers of any age to the sport. The boat's stability encourages confidence as a rower's skills develop, and the more robust strength holds up well to the bumps which can come along with rowers learning the sport. I have a Stampfli wood/carbon fiber composite racing single and it’s great for calm water. When the waves are up, not so good! As a present, my wife purchased a coastal rowing shell (Lite Boat 1x) from Jim Henderson of Coastal Rowing USA for me to use in Beaufort SC whenever we are down. The tidal water and wind combination make for interesting rowing and I have found the Lite Boat 1x rowable in almost any wind/water condition.

Jim is currently talking with a club out West that wants to purchase LiteSport 1X’s and LiteBoat Rivers to develop their learn-to-row program. Their plan is to start with the 1X’s and then transition to the Rivers, and finally into fine water boats. The other interesting thing is the success the coach at the Navesink River Rowing Club is having using a LiteSport 2X (now called the Duo) as a training boat to take athletes out and work with them right in the boat. This works really well as you can actually turn around and see exactly what the student is doing as they row.

Recreational boats,

Race boats,

If you're interested in learning more give Jim a call at +1 941-650-2659 or email him at and tell him William sent you!

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