Feedback from a recent purchase

I recently received this wonderful email from Gail Zaharek, President of Litchfield Hills Rowing Club, and it is reposted with her permission:

"I wanted to provide feedback on the new seat pad I purchased at Head of the Hooch.

I have sciatica issues and my leg often goes numb if I erg or row too much. I am happy to say after using your seat pad for just a few times, I am finally able to erg without pain. I did a half marathon on the erg just to test it out and it was great."

Gail went on to say "I row in Connecticut and have told many of my teammates and friends about it, so you may be getting quite a few orders coming from Connecticut - from my recommendation!

Thanks for creating a great product!"

Gail Zaharek

I wish I could claim credit for the invention - That claim to fame is with the owners of Citius-Remex in Denmark.

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