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How to use your new ProW

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

  • ProW can be used on top of conventional rowing seats, however, its optimal function is on top of a regular Concept2 rowing seat.

  • The shape of the ProW is designed to remedy problems from conventional rowing seats by redistributing the pressure to a larger area resulting in significantly less pressure on a single area. This makes it possible to row for a much longer time without irritation and pain making the ProW especially valuable during long training sessions.

  • In the beginning, it may feel quite different and unexpected using the ProW. This is due to the redistribution of weight and pressure. It takes a little while to get used to rowing with ProW, but once accustomed to the shape, it is highly unlikely that you will ever row without your ProW again.

  • A unique advantage of the ProW is the fact that it adapts to your bottom with 10-20 percent simply by use, just like a pair of running shoes.

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