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Paris Olympics!

The ProW will be racing with 13 members of the US Women's Rowing team in Paris! Kelsey Reelick sent the following:

"Everyone was very eager to get a picture, and it was easy because we always keep our seat pads on us.

13 Citius Remex seat users, from back to front, left to right:

Teal Cohen, W4x

Regina Salmons, W8+

Maddie Wanamaker, W8+

Lauren O'Connor, W4x

Kelsey Reelick, W4-

Daisy Mazzio-Manson, W4-

Grace Joyce, W4x

Azja Czajkowski, W2-

Charlotte Buck, W8+

Emily Kallfelz, W4-

Molly Bruggeman, W8+

Kate Knifton, W4-

Michelle Sechser, WLW2x"

The team leaves for Paris on July 6th, and they will be posting over the next few days, and will keep posting and tagging as they journey along in Europe!

Way to go! Wishing them all great success in Paris!

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