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Rowing beyond the Erg?

For many of you, the only rowing you know is what you do on your rowing machine. Some of you have thought about joining a rowing club and learning to row through a learn to row (LTR) program. Investing in a rowing shell without knowing how to row can be expensive and challenging. There are ways you can row that don't break the bank, are easy to learn, and allow you to easily use your rowing machine skills on a rowing platform. I met the team from Oar Board at the Head of the Hooch regatta in Chattanooga last year and was very impressed with just how easy their product is to set up, and use, and most importantly, the cost. They offer Oar Board's in a variety of lengths as well as single (1x) and double (2x) combinations.

It's a super easy, affordable way to get the benefits of rowing using a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP).

The Oar Board® makes it so easy to learn to row, it's stable, safe, fast, and fun! You can fit the Oar Board® Rower on your existing paddleboard or buy one of the Oar Board® Combo Packages that has everything you need to get out on the water. It's easy to store! Ask anyone who owns a rowing shell what's needed to store your boat.

The Oar Board® Rower is enjoyed by owners in over 62 countries. It converts almost any paddleboard into a fast sculling boat with its sliding rigger sculling gear. It can be strapped onto a standard hard or inflatable SUP or can be ordered with a custom Inflatable SUP that features special deck rings for easier attachment. Perfect for fitness or adventure rowing on rivers, lakes, or the open ocean.

The Oar Board® Rower, produced by Whitehall Rowing & Sail, can be ordered direct and ships worldwide. Enjoy the low-impact whole-body workout, strength, flexibility, and cardio benefits that regular rowing provides.

Used to row in college?

New to rowing?

Ready for fun and a great workout?

Visit them at:

Oar Board® recently launched a pretty cool program to reach rowing clubs through the Grow your Rowing Club link and explanations of how the Oar Board® can benefit established rowing clubs as well.

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