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The ProW at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

It might surprise you who is rowing with the ProW at the Tokyo Olympics. .13 members of the US Women Olympic squad are rowing with the ProW including Gia Doonan, Kara Kohler, Kendall Close, Cicely Madden, Brooke Mooney, Kristine O'Brien, Maddie Wanamaker, Megan Kalmoe, Meghan O'Leary, Charlotte Buck, Molly Bruggeman, Allie Rusher, and Grace Luczak - Boats using the ProW include the Women's 8, W4-, W4x, W2- and W1x. Emma Twigg from (New Zealand W1x gold medalist), Hamish Bond (NZ M8 gold medalist), Luca Rambaldi (Italy M4x finalist), and Sverri Nielsen (Denmark M1x finalist). If the ProW is good for Olympians, It's also good for you!

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