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Secumar Vivo 100

Secumar Vivo 100

$228.95 Regular Price
$208.95Sale Price

The Secumar Vivo 100 is a unique lifejacket for rowers and paddlers. It's unique design allows you to wear it and row or paddle comfortably. The life jacket was approved for use by the EU but has not been certified by the US or Canadian Coast Guards

. The Vivo 100 is good for anyone over 100lbs (50+ kg) and the cartidge can be replaced should you ever have to use the life jacket. Service of the Vivo 100 is done by the registered agent in the US.

What’s in the box?

A VIVO 100 life jacket

A handy storage bag.

  • Return Policy

    Returns accepted for new and unused life jackets within 30 days of purchase.

    Postage will not be refunded.

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